February 2008

In Defence of My Prophet

sallallahu alaihi wa sallam

May my wealth, treasures and life,

My precious possessions acquired after toil and strife,

My very breath, my every drop of blood and more,

Be sacrificed and given for,

A single glimpse of my beloved’s face,

O Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) may I experience your wonderful grace.



I came to your shore shackled in a chain,

Wrenched from my homeland, in abject pain,

For raising my sword against invasion,

Protecting my family, my land, my nation. (more…)

One month a year, we’ve got to fast,

From dawn to dusk, first day to last.

Not eating or drinking anything,

For the poor it teaches us kindness and caring. (more…)

I live in a garden filled with love,

Birds abound, fruit aplenty on branches above.

Cultivated and tended, looked after and nourished,

Till every last petal bloomed and flourished. (more…)

I was walking on a path, enveloped in dark,

Searching for a treasure, of which I saw no mark.

I lifted up my head and saw in the distance afar,

A brightly glowing, glittering star. (more…)

Amidst the sugar-cane fields

With horses grazing at ease

Madresa Mahmoodiyah flourishes

The teachers striving, Allah Ta’ala to please. (more…)

Ah! How I long for those light-filled days,

Amidst the blessed glow of sublime knowledge;

Surrounded by the Madresa’s nourishing rays,

A wonderfully invigorating place all acknowledge. (more…)

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