Prophet Yunus alaihis salaam in the stomach of a whale,

For 3 days beneath the ocean waves did sail.

In darkness unto Allah Ta’ala did he cry,

And was delivered to land, high and dry.

Now a baby was given his name,

Who grew to extraordinary fame.

A beacon of guiding light,

A lighthouse in the storm, shining bright.


With words simple and plain,

And a heart burning with the divine pain,

Of Allah Ta’ala’s love and yearning,

He drives hundreds to give up sin and be saved from Hells’ burning.


“Give up sin, it snatches away the light,

Of good deeds earned with striving and might.

Lower the gaze, turn away the sight,

From dark avenues which seem glittering and bright.

Escape the net of the devil and his web,

Fill your heart with the waves of Allah Ta’ala’s love which roll and ebb.


Stay away from sin; you’ll become a saint,

Make your heart red with its withdrawal paint.

And as a sky, first red doth glow,

Then arises the sun of warmth all aglow.

After your pain shall come success,

In the ranks of sainthood you shall progress.


Youth, full of energy and power,

Immerse yourself in the rain of obedience’s shower.

Your enemy – the devil – you must overpower.


Filth in all its many guises,

Adjusted for people of all ages and sizes,

On the Box or on the Net,

Give it all up ‘fore you regret.


Project yourself as Allah Ta’ala’s servant,

Make your appearance to the Sunnah subservient.

For like a ‘plane, internally in excellent shape,

With a tyre missing- as worthless as a jungle ape!

So too, our hearts bring faith,

Yet our dress the enemy doth imitate!”


“Someone told a worm: Look friend of mine,

See this plant, this entwined grapevine;

Climb up its trail and there you shall see,

A grape of exquisite taste and symphony.

So climb the worm did do,

Till atop a vine leaf to a halt he drew.

In awe at the leaf’s luxurious taste,

He tarried awhile and made no haste.


He mistook the leaf for the grape,

And in its eating he found delight;

He went no further, he died right there,

Deceived, never having found the grape’s promised sight.”


In evil places we find our joy,

Truly, ‘tis but a deceptive toy.

For go a little way more,

And true pleasure in Halaal is in store;

Better by far than the fake:

The joy in Haraam that we take.


Says the saint: Dig a well, sand and dirt you’ll find,

Do not stop, carry on the painful grind.

After effort some wetness you’ll see,

Till of a sudden water bursts free.

Then all around people, animals and the land gain,

From the water obtained through hard work and pain.


To stop sin brings hardship,

For a while the heart does tear and rip.

But continue and the water shall burst out,

Of Allah Ta’ala’s Love, benefiting the world about.


Indulgence in sin is like drinking water from the sea,

With every gulp you become more thirsty.

More sin do you crave,

The only end being a lonely grave.

Of fresh water you need just a cup,

A little Halaal quickly fills you up.


Of the man with the Prophet’s name,

To link everyone with Allah Ta’ala is his aim.

Their evil desires to control and tame,

To leave the devil broken, lame and in shame.


This saint with Madinah Munawwarah’s love at heart,

His praise we cannot fulfil; merely start.

His character a reflection of he (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) who lies,

Under the green dome, beneath Arabia’s skies.


My pen must down,

My words must end.

Praise of this great man I must suspend.


Where words may fail,

Experience can succeed.

Try what I say, meet this man,

Most assuredly your expectations he shall exceed.


Allah Ta’ala’s Love is his whale,

In its belly he doth sail.

The end is my Lord’s beautiful Sight

In Paradise, for those who did what’s right.