In red and pink, and yellow and blue,

Flowers come in different colours and different shapes too.

Some are muti-coloured, others shaped like bells,

Each with different, lovely smells.

The most beautiful is a pretty pink rose,

It sends a perfume right into your nose.

For decorations flowers are fun,

They open up beautifully in the warm, friendly sun.

To make a flower you plant the seeds,

Then water them and take out the weeds.

A thin green stem comes out from the earth,

Pushing through the sand, stones and all the dirt.

Then a little bud comes along,

With air, water and sun the flower gets strong.

Till teh day all the petals grow,

A brilliantly coloured flower show!

And I don’t need to tell you who makes the fowers grow,

That is something you already know.

Come on now, you can tell me,

Allah Ta’ala does it all for free!

So whenever you see a flower,

Thank Allah Ta’ala for it every minute and every hour.