I went one day to the zoo,

To see the animals and what they do;

I saw elephants big and fat,

I saw monkeys playing with this and that.

I saw giraffes with their necks so long,

I heard the birds burst into song. I saw many wonderful things,

With hooves and horns, and claws and wings.

And all of them Allah Ta’ala has made,

Evert shape and size, every colour and shade.

Glory be to Allah, the Most Great the Most High,

Who created animals, the earth and the sky.

I went one day to the beach to play,

And saw the waves wash up and away.

In the golden sand I buily sandcastles

And collected shells in many, many parcels.

Seagulls flew high and low

Looking for fish in the water below.

I saw ships moving on the sea

The sea spray splashed all over me.

Allah Ta’ala made the ocean

He set the waves in otion.

Glory be to Allah Ta’ala, the Most Great, the Most High,

Who made the sea and the fish, and the birds that fly.

I looked up at the sky one night

And saw millions of stars shining bright,

And with them shone the moon aglow,

And together they made a beautiful show.

And I knew that Allah Ta’ala made them all,

Every animal and star, big and small.

Every leaf on a tree, all the raindrops that fall,

All the food that we eat, Allah Ta’ala made it all.

Glory be to Allah, the Most Great, the Most Wise,

Who made everything in perfect order and just the right size.