My mother is so very, very sweet,

Paradise lies under her feet.

I must do as I’m told,

Whether it’s hot or it’s cold. I must bring her food, chocolates and tea,

And listen to what she says to me.

For all she does I must say Jazakallah,

I must always be good, Subhanallah.

I must never be rude to her or get mad,

To do so is very, very bad.

In my mother’s stomach I grew,

As a baby I stuck to her like glue.

Now when I get bigger,

I must always love and respect her.

And when she gets old and weak,

With respect and patience I must speak.

And help her all the way

‘Cause when I was small, with me she used to play.

Never, ever must I shout at her or yell,

If I do, I will burn in Hell.

Everything she says I must do,

Even if I don’t want to.

I love my Mum, I really do,

You must love your Mum too!