I wake up in the morning

I hear the Muazzin calling:

“Salaah is better than sleep!”

And out of bed I leap. I read my dua when I’m awake,

Allah Ta’ala’s Name I take,

With my miswaak I brush my teeth

I wash my face and hands and feet.

I read Fajr before the sun rises

Mum says in Jannat I’ll get my prizes.

Midday comes and the sun is high,

Azaan is called and swiftly I fly,

Rushing to read Zuhr Salaah,

The Muazzin says: “Come to success, come to Falaah!”

In the afternoon I wait

For Asr I don’t want to be late.

I put down my Musalla all ready

And read my Salaah slow and steady.

Now the sun has set

Maghrib Salaah I must not forget.

And then the night has come

Supper is over, my homework is done.

My eye on the watch I keep

To read Esha before I sleep.