Amidst the sugar-cane fields

With horses grazing at ease

Madresa Mahmoodiyah flourishes

The teachers striving, Allah Ta’ala to please.

 Joyous are the feelings as you enter

And gaze upon the blue dome

Calmness flows from its bricks

Covering even the peacocks who there roam.

Carrying out a service of the highest

A veritable sea of hope

Every blade and leaf is blessed

Holding firm to Islam’s rope.

The site of teh future leaders

So steeped in Islamic upbringing

Their voices heard loud and clear

With the praises of Allah Ta’ala are they ringing.

What a valuable piece of land

What a holy, light-filled place,

What an uplifting picture

Of the Muslims’ protective base.

Giving off rays of guidance

Drawing the lost sheep to salvation

Attracting the people to Islam’s beauty

A place of pride and boundless ealtion.

May you prosper, O flower of Mahmood

And see success beyond your loftiest dreams

What noble feelings you kindle

When there, it’s a different world it seems!