Ah! How I long for those light-filled days,

Amidst the blessed glow of sublime knowledge;

Surrounded by the Madresa’s nourishing rays,

A wonderfully invigorating place all acknowledge.In this orchard of learning students wander at will,

Picking fruit from hanging branches on overladen trees,

Relishing the sweetness and eating to their fill;

A continuous enjoyment, without let or cease.

Of the gatekeepers of this fertile land, pray tell,

Of their selfless sacrifice and how they strive,

To maintain this garden and those who within dwell,

And keep Islam’s treasures flourishing and alive.

Noble men who turned down worldly fame,

To use their bodies and intellect,

To serve Islam in Allah Ta’ala’s Name,

And mountains of rewards to reap an collect.

Caravans have travelled the world over and seen the sights,

But few are the places so calm and serene,

So filled with joy and pure delights,

Soothing the soul and giving it a glittering sheen.

What can we say of the walls that shelter the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam’s guest,

That is blessed with Revelation’s pearls and rubies,

Wherein the heirs of the Prophets teach and take rest,

And is adorned with Shariah’s silk canopies.

A grandchild of Deoband, the grand defender of faith,

Fuelled by flames from its fire,

Drawing from the sparks which from Suffa emanate,

Reaching into the hearts of those who are eager to acquire.

When the time comes to depart,

When the sad moment nears,

Then with a heavy weight on the heart,

The grieving student walks away, eyes filled with tears.