I was walking on a path, enveloped in dark,

Searching for a treasure, of which I saw no mark.

I lifted up my head and saw in the distance afar,

A brightly glowing, glittering star.

As I drew near, I felt a calm,

A warming, illuminating, healing balm.

Coming very close I saw a figure in white,

His face was gleaming, full of light.

He weld my hand, a grip tight and strong,

Along the path he led me along.

Oh Sheikh Akhtar you have been selected,

To help along those who have from the straight path deflected.

Your words of advice are sweet drops of dew,

Kings would have rushed to your feet, had they but knew.

My sheikh is a human, like you and I,

To say he is an angel is to speak a lie.

Yet he has been granted a gift of knowledge so wide,

All the world’s bridges cannot bridge its divide.

When he speaks his words strike a chord deep in one’s heart,

What joy to see his face as his lips in a smile do part.

“Protect your eyes,” says he time and again,

“From every type of sin stay away, abstain.”

Ah! What a gift, what a priceless treasure,

A sheikh who will, Insha Allah, lead me to my beloved Allah Ta’ala’s Pleasure.

Oh Allah Ta’ala, grant Sheikh Akhtar a very long life,

So that people the world over from him much benefit can derive.