One month a year, we’ve got to fast,

From dawn to dusk, first day to last.

Not eating or drinking anything,

For the poor it teaches us kindness and caring.


We look for the new moon at night,

Ramadaan, the month of fasting, starts with its sight.

In Ramadaan we read the Qur’aan a lot,

The Qur’aan teaches us what’s right and what’s not.


Before sunrise we all awake,

Eating early, Sehri to partake.

With Maghrib and sunset comes Iftaar when again we can eat,

Delicious food like samoosas, a marvellous treat.


At night Taraweeh Salaah we pray,

20 Rakaats for Allah Ta’ala our heads in Sajdah we lay.

Listening to the Qur’aan, His Speech,

In which all good to us He does teach.


When we fast we think of those with no food,

And treat them without being rude.

It makes us sit and think,

Of all that Allah Ta’ala gave us to eat and drink.


In the last 10 days in I’tikaaf we sit,

Staying in the Musjid, hoping to please Allah every little bit.

Then comes the happy day of Eid,

Eid Salaah at the Eidgah we read.


Dressed in clothes new and smart,

Taking an early, cleaning bath.

Going to meet the family,

Eating delicious food merrily.


To make Allah happy, we pray and fast,

So that He’ll let us enter Jannah first and not last.

So for Ramadaan let us all wait,

Because fasting for Allah Ta’ala makes us feel great.