I came to your shore shackled in a chain,

Wrenched from my homeland, in abject pain,

For raising my sword against invasion,

Protecting my family, my land, my nation.


You accepted me, made me yours,

I breathed my last upon thy shores.

I came to you as a single cotton string,

My children you allowed to be woven in your regal clothing.


The son of Jacob’s name I used as mine,

Yusuf of Macasar, Prince of a royal line.

As he was jailed, in exile sold,

So too did I follow in his steps of old.


You gave to me of your soil,

To rest after a life of struggle and toil.

O Africa! May my sons and daughters be worthy of your generosity

Dedicating their lives to fighting oppression, injustice and hypocrisy.


Rest in peace O Yusuf, son of our land,

Your sweat and tears watered our sand,

Nurturing the seeds of freedom and liberation,

For many a past and future generation.