One month a year, we’ve got to fast,

From dawn to dusk, first day to last.

Not eating or drinking anything,

For the poor it teaches us kindness and caring. (more…)


In red and pink, and yellow and blue,

Flowers come in different colours and different shapes too.

Some are muti-coloured, others shaped like bells,

Each with different, lovely smells. (more…)

I must speak the truth in all I say,

When in class, or when I play.

To all people, no matter who they are,

I must speak the truth and I’ll go very far. (more…)

What a wonderful letter is Meem,

It makes words glitter and gleam.

With Meem Musjid is made, the place where we pray,

Where we read Salaah five times a day. (more…)

My mother is so very, very sweet,

Paradise lies under her feet.

I must do as I’m told,

Whether it’s hot or it’s cold. (more…)

I went one day to the zoo,

To see the animals and what they do;

I saw elephants big and fat,

I saw monkeys playing with this and that.

I saw giraffes with their necks so long,

I heard the birds burst into song. (more…)

I wake up in the morning

I hear the Muazzin calling:

“Salaah is better than sleep!”

And out of bed I leap. (more…)